How To Use Premium Powerpoint Templates to Be a Rockstar Presenter

By Elle Romero

When you want to make presentations, you may get overwhelmed with home much time it takes to plan and design everything. Many great presenters have admitted to spending over 50 hours in planning presentations that will knock their audience's socks off. I'm pretty sure you don't have that kind of time and most likely, you've held out planning your presentation to the last minute. No problem - a few premium power point templates and an eye for good design will help you.

Before we begin, you have to push aside your current understanding of Powerpoint templates. There are literally millions of templates out there ready for you to download, make yours and present on stage. Not all of them come with gross marble backgrounds and two hundred bullet points. These templates have been created by some of the best graphic designers and presenters in the world, and their secrets are available now for you. So go off and build a template library full of beautiful powerpoint themes that fit your personality, your company and the kinds of presentations you normally give. You can get premium and free templates from Slidegarden.

If you don't want to purchase any templates just yet, you can create your own. Simply go to Slideshare or grab some of your favorite slides from conferences, and copy the structure into a blank Powerpoint document. Create a few of these templates for the different presentation you expect to give, and when the time comes come back to them.

Now, someone has run to you and asked you to present to the company on a successful project you've worked on. Great! Now it's time to create your rockstar presentation. Start off not with your template library just yet, but by crafting an outline. This is one of the most important parts of giving a presentation, actually. Start off by simply thinking about what you want to convey on each slide. Remember you only want to present one idea or message at a time. People get distracted with too much information easily.

Now that it's time to design your presentation, ask yourself two questions: "who is my audience?" and "what do I want them to remember after I finish?". Those two answers dictate your imagery, the colors you use, the fonts you use and the overall feel of the presentation. A few resources for designing: check out Flickr's creative commons for great images, Fontsquirrel for typographic reasons, and Colour Lovers is amazing for color ideas.

Lastly, add your powerpoint template, your outline and your tone (images, typography, color scheme) together and press go!

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