How To Seriously Send Your Landing Page Conversions Through The Roof

By Sophia Edwards

It is funny that people sometimes tell you something is easy if you know what you are doing; of course the same can be said about landing pages. So you know that you have to get smarter about a few things before you truly are ready to make a killer landing page. We want to touch on three important aspects of landing page construction that you need to know.

It's alright to use multiple order links throughout your copy when creating a landing page, but when it comes to the main call to action, you should be ready to use an effective button that actually gets noticed. There are several reasons why that is so, and it has to do with trust and even inspiring those emotions that cause action to be taken. Seriously, the order graphic is not something that will necessarily make or break your conversions, but it does matter to some extent. All sales letters follow a fairly standard format, and so that means the order graphic will be very near the end and sort of hard to miss, anyway. Yes, most people respond to a strong call to action, and you will notice that a lot of links/graphics for ordering include them.

If you are not familiar with how to add white space to your copy, then the best thing is to simply look at other landing pages. If you're going to use big paragraphs then you'll lose the interest of your visitors and fail to take them towards the call to action. Give your visitors an easy experience on your page and make it simple for them to read your copy and understand it. If you have never learned anything about copywriting, then it is a very good idea to do some reading on the subject.

Of course it is appropriate to weave words that appeal to the emotions of people, but just make sure you know what you are doing when you use them. The purpose of these words is to make an emotional appeal that leads the reader to certain conclusions that are designed to produce a conversion. It's alright to be logical because people will look for logic, however, when you make your offer emotionally appealing, logic loses its importance. Your greatest challenge is learning how to talk to your audience, and then you use their language to put all of this together. As you can guess, this involves quite a bit, and it is not hard once you have acquired enough knowledge and experience.

You can definitely do something about your landing page conversion rates, but keep in mind that it will take some time.

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