How To SEO And Link Building Software

By Sam Jones

Many site owners are asking what is the best way to generate traffic because they understand that traffic is the lifeline for their sites. But there are many choices. Free traffic or paid traffic? Is there some automation tools like a software that he can use and get good results?

Paid traffic produces result faster than free traffic. But it doesn't automatically translate to revenue so it's more risky in terms of cost-benefits. For beginner marketers the better choice is to target free traffic, and free traffic involves building backlinks. Backlinks are just links embedded in content somewhere other than the main site. To build backlinks one needs to do two things. The first is creating content with links and the second is to post the content into some directories and networks. Fortunately there are software for each task.

Has the computer advanced to the degree that it can write cogent, well researched articles out of the blue, something like IBM computer program Watson that can answer questions thrown at him in the TV game show Jeopardy? What exactly are these articles software we hear in Internet Marketing and how are they different?

It's basically article marketing done on auto pilot. It's not one software that does it all, but three software that handle three types of work. First there is the article rewriter, also known as spinner, that can spin a single original article into multiple versions, each slightly different from the other. Second is the article submitter that can submit articles into blogs and article directories and social media sites. And third is the unique article generator that can fetch relevant information from the Net and compose original articles out of that. One software called backlink article writer does a good job at it.

You may wonder if objective reviews exist to help you decide whether article writing software are truly effective. After all, it takes time for a human writer to research for and write and edit an article before it's worth something. Can software do all that without additional work?

It all depends on what quality standards you have set for the articles. Search Engines can't really understand the meaning of any content anyway. They can calculate something to measure relevance, but not meaning. So if you are not happy with the rewriter or spinner when you do an "auto-spin", you better rewrite the spam or they would be unreadable. Still, for bulk content a spinner is still the most cost-effective solution available. If top quality is your goal, the only option is to write it yourself or hire a professional writer.

There is no question that creating content takes time. Quite a lot of time if you want many articles to build links. It's really about getting visitor traffic, so it's a good idea to know what building backlinks has to do with getting traffic.

Link building is the process of getting links from other websites that point to yours. Google uses back-links to determine what your site is all about. So, if you want to rank high in the search engines then link building is a critical aspect. It is also a way to generate traffic to your site. Basically, link building is a way of getting "votes" from other authority websites to boost your position in a Google, Yahoo, MSN search for a specific keyword phrase e.g. "Hairdressers in Barcelona", if that was your business. Google likes it when you have authority links coming to your website. And the better quality they are, the more Google trusts your website.

If you decide that doing link building is too much work and would rather spend some money to get someone else to do it, then hiring an outside company is certainly an option. But before you do, it's a good idea to be clear about your goal. What is the niche you are in and what revenue you'd like to achieve and what traffic volume you want to have.

To find a SEO company in your local area you can try posting an wanted ad in a place like the Craig's List. Most likely you will get plenty of responses. If you don't know the reputation of the company that answers your ad, then ask them what they do in terms of article generation and submission, or link building. Be specific and ask to see the testimonials of their clients, or at least some sample work of theirs.

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