Ethical Way to Create Articles - Article Spinning

By Brian Goodman

A popular SEO method utilised by website owners so as to appear among the top results for search engine searches is article spinning. It entails rewriting fragments of original articles in a special format known as spin syntax. The method is undertaken in such a way that it enables the rewritten article to avoid detection by duplicate content criteria used by search engines, and ensures that the article features in the Search Engine Result pages or SERPs.

Because of the copyright related issues that arise out of unpermitted utilisation of any article, it is always better to spin only those articles on which you have legal claim. A group of specialist content developers are normally employed by the website owner for the job of spinning an article.

After article spinning, the final items can be made available on various article sites with links that direct traffic to your website or make your website appear among the first few results and can be sold to third parties who might want to buy them. Spinning can also be carried out automatically.

Many software applications are available online that aid automated spinning. They can quickly replace different parts of the original article. But the rewritten article produced in such manner is normally not good as it might not have the same meaning as the real article and at times might not even make sense.

The cause for this is that such software programs have a particular set of replacements for each word and they are unable to comprehend the context of article. A synonym for a word often has a little various meaning or context than the original. So if this word is used as a replacement for the original word, then the entire meaning of a sentence may be alteration.

For instance, an automated article spinner may replace the words 'family tree' with the words 'family plant', but any sane reader can tell you that these two are not at all interchangeable. Therefore, it is recommended to engage an expert author rather than making use of automatic methods that illogically substitute words and create a poor piece of writing.

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