Effective Navigation and What it Means to Your Success

By Daniel Barraud

There are enough good examples of bad websites on the net, and one can only wonder what some webmasters are thinking. Yes, you will need to get a lot of things right, and of course our topic of discussion concerns site navigation. Navigation is one of those things that people will not think about if it is good, but they will think about it if it is bad.

Even relatively small sites should have that little search box on the upper right hand side; so make sure your sites have it too. One curious thing about this is people expect to see it, and if you do not have it then that could be a negative. Effective navigation means good usability, and that means people will not feel hassled at your site. Nowadays, it's become pretty easy to include a search box on your site, and if you're using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress then you'll find that the search functionality comes by default.

Never neglect visitor convenience; for example the placement of additional or even redundant links at the end of content. It is a very simple matter to do, and there is no real reason for not doing it in our minds. After all, you never know which element of your site can impress your visitors!

First time visitors will judge your entire site and business based on the quality of the home page. So we just want to leave no stone unturned, and that is why we make mention of the importance of giving people a link back to the homepage no matter where they are. You want people to feel comfortable, and that is the main reason for giving it to them. Some sites will also make the entire header a home link or even the logo.

The reasons for building a clear and logical navigation layout are readily understood. One point we did not go into was the high importance of effective anchor text for your links. You will not find high quality and successful sites with poor navigation; so that should tell you something. We hope you will take immediate action on this article if you are not familiar with this topic.

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