Effective Insights On Becoming A Business Motivational Speaker

By Reed Slidell

Once they have become successful with their business endeavors, some business owners just can't keep their tested formula of success to themselves. They feel the urge to encourage other entrepreneurs who might be treading a difficult path. This leads them to another career - that of being a business motivational speaker.

Besides being a hobby or a vocation, most businessmen turned speaker consider this as a means to earn more or their main source of income. It is a given fact that those who have been popular in the field enjoy getting paid thousands of dollars for a one or two hour talk. Plus, they also get to travel a lot.

If inspiring people in your niche through seminars or workshops is what you are passionate about, consider grinding these tips into your system before you embark onto this profession.

Examine The Key Points In Your Life

As you teach entrepreneurs ways to achieve their goals, you will always find yourself relating to your own life and experiences. This is because examples of real life application of the different business concepts you have learned is an ideal means to help your audience understand. So, keep a list of your achievements and the story behind each of them at hand.

It would be best to recall how your desire to have your own business started. Track your first business ventures and how they operated. Think of the great things you have learned from a business shutdown, a mentor in the field, landing on the first page of a newspaper's business section and the like.

Decide On What You Will Offer Your Audience

More than talking about your entrepreneur life, people would want to learn new things from your talks. Define how your speeches will help solve your audience's problems, achieve their goals and improve their business conditions.

Make it clear to your clients what you will talk about. Business people generally desire to be taught of techniques in succeeding in a business and ways to increase sales from their internet marketing business or trading business. These two are examples of their concerns which lead them to the need for a business motivational speaker to help them.

Write Your Lecture

Although you want to appear spontaneous in front of your audience, having a written speech ready is important. Compose your speech according to your audience's interests, industry, geographic location and traits.

You can find a number of helpful books or references online which you could be handy for you as you write your speech. Check out some websites run by the communication department of certain universities. They are usually rich with good speechwriting information.

But if you have resolved that speech writing is not for you, hire a speech writer. Scout at least three. Check who can work best with you. It is easy to spot the; their advertisements crowd online and the Yellow Pages too.

Improve Your Gift Of Gab

Confidently peaking in front of a great crowd is the major trait of keynote motivational speaker. He may be nervous at times but he can pull it off in general. An enthusiastic and well-prepared speaker looks credible. Get educated and practice well before welcoming any speaking engagement deals. Register for speech classes offered by colleges, universities, or different non-profit organizations.

Prepare Your Marketing Materials

Let people know what you could offer them by distributing an information package and demo CD or DVD. If you have money to burn, you can hire a professional to film one of your speaking engagements and have it edited and set in a CD or DVD. Otherwise, you can just stand in front of a camera on a tripod and start a video recording of your sample speech. Meanwhile, your information package should include a business card, resume, summary of your experience as business motivational speaker, etc.

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