Does Public Speaking Cause You Anxiety Attacks?

By Matthew Insardi

Most people would rather be dead in the casket than giving an eulogy at the funeral. Public speaking is already difficult but with if you suffer from anxiety attacks it can be a major source of worry weeks before you even are due to speak.

The public speaking event does not even have to be large. Students have trouble speaking in front of their classmates and workers suffer giving their presentations.

The fear centers around having an anxiety attack during speaking and more importantly what is everyone going to think of you if you have an attack. Where are you going to go? Where's the nearest exit? Are you going to fall over? Is everyone going to see me shaking in my boots?

The number one fear among people is the fear of public speaking, so you are not alone. In fact anxious thoughts can actually help your speech. What we need to do is build back your confidence and change your thought pattern about the fear and the anxious thoughts.

You are not going to die by giving a speech. Anxious feelings and thoughts are completely normal and in fact it is how your body prepares it self. The feelings will come and pass though your body if you let them.

What keeps the panic attacks coming time and time again is the fear of the fear that the next panic attack will knock you over and that you barley made it through the last anxiety attack.

Panic over time has broken your confidence. The thought that you could not control your mind and body has lowered your confidence level and it is the lack of confidence that allows the fear to set in and cause more intense panic attacks in the future.

Negative thoughts cause your anxious feelings that were once normal to turn into a panic attack. Thoughts like what if they think my speech is dumb or there is no way I can talk in front of this large of a group. The minute you doubt yourself is the same minute that you get the rush of adrenaline and the panic flows in like a wave to crush you.

This new idea of thinking will help remove the self doubt and replace it with confidence. Now that you understand that everyone gets nervous you will be able to let the anxious feelings pass through your body. You will feel more alive and passionate and your speech will have even more energy than before.

Change your mindset. Instead of thinking wait here comes the panic. Think, I have been waiting for these feelings to come and I will let them pass because I know that I am safe and no longer afraid.

Stop pushing all of the fear into your belly. Recognize the fear, embrace the fear and let the feelings of anxiety pass through your body. Soon you will feel the panic leave your body for good and you will give the speech of your life, full of passion and energy.

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