Cover Letter Frequently Asked Questions

By Raymond Shaw

Should i include a cover letter with a job application form?

Many people believe it is not important to send a cover letter along with a job application form. However, it is crucial to have one. You want a cover letter with a job application to ensure that you get the right attention from the employer.

Do I need to use same header for my cover letter as my resume?

Using the same header from your resume is a good idea. It shows consistency and makes them both uniform in format.

How should I address a cover letter with no name?

Knowing the name of the individual who will be interviewing you or reading your cover letter is ideal. Make every effort to learn the name of the person. However, when there is no particular name you can use to address the cover letter, the best thing to do is skip a salutation.

How should I address a cover letter to a board?

The best way to address a board is to use words like "Dear Selection Committee" or "Dear Human Resources". Avoid making use of "To Whom It May Concern".

How should I sign a digital copy?

If you are using a signature on electronic cover letters, you need to make one. You must sign the original letter and convert it into a PDF by scanning a hard copy. After that you can save the signature off from the PDF as a JPEG file and use it in the digital cover letter. Alternatively, you can simply type something such as "/s/ Joan Peters" to imply that the missing signature was not due to an oversight or ignorance.

How do I indicate an enclosure in a cover letter?

The enclosure is best mentioned immediately after the signature at the conclusion of the letter. There should be a gap of two enters. Then you can list the documents enclosed with the cover letter at the bottom of the page.

How do I mention salary requirements in a cover letter?

Should you wish to include a salary expectation, it is recommended that you first perform some investigation. Make sure you find out what the industry rates are for the post you're applying to. It's advisable to mention the expected salary as a range. For instance, if you expect $5,000, mention it as $4,000 - $6,000.

How do I say that I am prepared to relocate and will pay for it?

In the event that the company is far from your present location, mentioning your willingness to relocate is a great idea. Additionally, mentioning that you will pay for your relocation will bring a welcoming reaction. You can suggest it in a polite and interesting way. For instance, "I know I am presently located in _____(city) but am in a position to incur all the expenses that will be involved in relocating."

What to do if you have submitted a cover letter having a typo?

If you have made a small and non-offensive error, the best thing to do is to let it go. Writing a letter to cover it up will just attract added attention to it. However, if it is a major typo that might make your grammar appear bad, you may consider writing them to fix your mistake.

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