Condenser Microphones - For Recording Studios

By Chris Besade

This information produces an outline in relation to five fundamental standards that will be commonly posted in microphone specification reports: frequency response, sensitivity, impedance, self noise level, and additionally signal to noise ratio. Knowing those specs does help any time attempting to settle on the finest dynamic microphones to order for a special application.

Frequency response calculates how a microphone reacts to diverse audio frequencies. An optimal "flat" response (equal sensitivity) microphone would need to react equally to all frequencies inside the audible range. This produces a a whole lot more ideal reproduction of sound and supplies the best sound.

The truthfulness is that even mics which may be promoted as possessing a "flat response" will certainly deviate sometimes at particular wavelengths. Often, specification reports are going to specify frequency response as a level like "20Hz to 20kHz", meaning that the microphone has the ability to recreate sounds that drop around that scale. What precisely this does not reveal is how specifically the numerous individual wavelengths shall be reproduced.

Quite a few mics might be purposely designed to respond distinctly to certain wavelengths. As for instance, instrument microphones designed for bass percussion could be created to be considerably more receptive to lower wavelengths when voice microphones would be more reactive to the pitch of a girl's tone of voice.

As a popular rule of thumb, condenser mics contain flatter frequency responses in comparison with dynamic. This means that a condenser would normally be the greater solution in cases where clarity of audio reproduction is considered the definitive goal.

Self noise is the electrical hiss that the microphone emits. Regularly the self noise specification is "A weighted", which means that the minimum and maximum wavelengths happen to be flattened within the response curve, to better replicate the signal response of the human ear. For a general rule, an A Weighted self noise spec of 18dB SPL or less is fabulous (very quiet), 28dB SPL is useful, while anything beyond 35db SPL will not be good for quality music recordings.

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