Blogging Success - Getting Higher Number of Subscribers for Your RSS Feed

By Isabella Cruz

Enticing people to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed sounds relatively simple, but there are some things you can do to encourage the visitors who come to your blog to sign up more readily. This article will discuss some ways to help you increase your RSS feed subscriber numbers.

Posts Need to be Published Often and Consistently: Focusing on the consistency and the frequency of new post publishing are two top things to consider as a blogger. In this case, frequency means how often you can post on your blog in a day or week because the more content you offer, the better. By consistency, we refer to the matter of being consistent on how often you add new content and update your blog without fail. If you're going to give your readers a lot of quality content this week, and the very next week you give them nothing, it's going to create a sort of an imbalance, which your readers won't appreciate. People will need to have faith that your blog will be consistently updated before they will be willing to subscribe.

Keep Your Icon In the Top Half of the Page: The placement of your RSS icon needs to be considered carefully so readers will see it right away. Ideally your icon should be positioned in the top half of your page somewhere to avoid the need for readers to scroll down to find it. If your icon is readily visible on your page, readers will be able to identify it and subscribe. When you've chosen a viable position for your icon, be sure it's visible in the same spot right across your entire blog. Use the sidebar for this, as readers will be able to see it clearly and subscribe to your feed no matter what page they're reading.

Create a Second Subscription Option: Don't limit your readers by telling that they'll only be able to subscribe to your RSS feed in one way - offer them email subscriptions too because that way you'll give them the easiest way to subscribe. The vast majority of people still prefer to use email to receive updates about blogs they enjoy anyway. You can actually use feed services like Feedburner to publicize your latest posts via email subscriptions. FeedBlitz is another service that allows you to do very similar things, as well as helping you find new subscribers too.

Any blog owner hoping to achieve success can reach this by focusing on increasing the number of RSS feed subscribers they have, so make this a high priority.

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