The Art of Writing

By Betsy Sam

Writing means, representing a language in a textual medium. And it refers to two things particularly. Noun, that is the thing that is written and verb, the thing that represents the activity of writing. The upgraded units of language that writing mainly touches are on the insertions of characters to form words which in turn lead to the formation of text . The words in turn groups to form texts which are considered as upgraded units of language.

In writing the asynchronous mode of communication is permitted and it does not demand the person to be present at the place at the same place or time simultaneously. Printing, cinema and videos are all examples of asynchronous. The information to be communicated is formatted so that it allows someone else to receive it later.

A translator is one who understands and translates a message written in one language and translates it to another. Creating some documents equivalent to the real message is the main job whereas a writer is one who can group the text or stories in the form of text.

The style in which a writer addresses an issue is known as the writing style. He can choose different style to address an issue and to face audience. Using different style constraint on the writing is achieved by the influence of a writer and his or her concept of the audience. Reporting in the news requires short and precise description for the ease of audience. Each of these style reveals the option that the writer can put in syntax, diction, and figures of thought. A writer needs to embed style to the situation.

A person who is writing can change the mode of message .That is by small variations, a single message can be conveyed in different modes to different persons. The writer can decide the goal of writing whether it is to inform or persuade or entertain. The mode of writing can express the mode of expression too if it's a complaint or condolence or a business. So simply the writing conveys the mood of writer and the context of message.

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