The Advantages Of Utilising EV SSL For Your Website

By Rachel Hayes

Flourishing technologies and digital advancement permeate the world today. Recent innovations remain a proponent of highly globalised perspective of living. The Internet, without a doubt, is the most influential innovation that continues to shape human life.

Without a doubt, Internet has forever altered man's way of life. The Internet's role extends to almost any type of activity. Daily activities such banking, shopping, booking, researching, dating, gaming and communicating are conveniently accomplished using the accessible channels of the World Wide Web. Although the Internet provides each and everyone a platform for doing tasks with expediency, it is also home to malicious minds and cyber crimes.

Unfortunately, the Internet's image is tainted with numerous dangers that can jeopardise any unaware user. Almost all malicious minds are on the prowl, continuously in search for online users who remain prey to Web-based frauds and scams. Such cyber crimes include phishing scams, Nigeria 415 scams, reshipping frauds, free money scams, raffle scams and many more.

Among these online frauds, phishing scam is deemed the most popular. The concept behind this scam is absolutely tricky. Scammers send out phishing emails encouraging potential victims to click on a hyperlink in the e-mail and safeguard their online banking information. Most of the time, victims aren't aware that the website they are logging into is a counterfeit website disguised as a legitimate commercial website. When victims sign into their supposed accounts, sensitive details are awarded to scammers, hence introducing the grand opportunity for theft.

In order to thwart such unlawful acts, care and caution must always reign every online transaction. When hesitant about a particular website, EV SSL can help you determine which online identity you should trust. In the use of EV SSL, also referred to as Extended Validation SSL, you will see a security padlock and a green bar on a website's address. There is no need to fret though, these two features only exist to notify you that the legally incorporated company name cited on the address bar is the legitimate owner of the particular website. Truly, EV SSL helps any user distinguish the legitimate website from the copycat website. Embrace higher levels of trust, assurance and online security with EV SSL!

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