Adding To Your Creative Storyline

By Marjorie J McDonald

We are already familiar with television shows that are adding new story lines in further episodes over a season. Those shows that get renewed for the next year are shows we really look forward to watching each and every week. We like to see the weekly episodes of the current season so we can continue to observe to follow the details of the story lines and events occuring to the characters. Dependent on your preferences some of the shows have continued for a number of years. The shows that are cancelled can be a disgruntlement to us if we were actually enjoying the running story line and needed to watch more.

Once that show has gone offline as a regular we can watch reruns of our favourite episode or of the entire season. Some of these shows that were so favored can be acquired by the season on DVD's and studied in the leisure of our own homes. These shows are good examples of talks that've been added to over the year (s).

A book is another example of a conversation that moves from one chapter to the next chapter. Think of each chapter as a new television episode as you read. Then, when you are beginning to write, you can see your writing as creative conversation where you are sharing details with the group you are speaking to or who will be reading your story.

Put your titles of each chapter as if they are parts of the conversation and build each chapter with the more info regarding the conversation that you have added. It can be a fast method to begin, continue and finish what you can to write if you break it down into these smaller pieces and consider it as a conversation that you are adding to in each further chapter.

If you are worried about being able to communicate your story clearly there are many ways to get help to write better. One of those strategies is to check yourself with a spelling pretest to see what level you are spellling on now. You are not able to utilise the spell checker on the computer to allow you any help here so be factual with your actual level of spelling knowledge. Which will help you because your reading level and your skill and knowledge of grammar and sentence structure will be used often in your writing so it is sensible to your reader. If you need improvement in this area there are lessons you can do at home to assist you boost your ability in spelling and language.

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