Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Ebook

By Owen Jones

Writing is a bizarre thing. The thought of writing 500 words scares many individuals half to death, which it should not and yet there are others who are self-assured enough to write a book of 100,000 words when they ought not to either. Wring articles of 500 words is a completely different job to writing a novel of average size.

Writing an ebook of 15 chapters on building a garden pond is not the same as a novel either, because the process can be broken down into 500 word chapters on locating the pond; digging it out; choosing fish; choosing plants etc, etc.. This sort of ebook only takes a bit of planning and research and should not be beyond the majority of individuals.

Having said that, if you like electrical wiring to be reliable, you would hire an electrician to do the installation, so if you want a top-notch ebook (or if you would like it fast), you may want to think about finding a professional author to write the book for you.

Spelling should not be a problem if you compose the ebook yourself, but how is your grammar? A bit out of practice, perhaps? Most word processors will check spelling very successfully, but their grammar checkers frequently give misleading or erroneous advice, so it is a decent idea to have your work checked by a friend or family member who is closer to school-leaving age than you are, if you are unsure.

The ebook should seem professional. It should look the part as well as being correct. There is so much choice that if your book does not impress, it will soon get returned or overlooked and you do not need to acquire a bad reputation.

Outsourcing the writing of your ebook might sound like an expensive path to take, but really it frees up your time to spend on the marketing campaign.

Writing an ebook of, say, 20,000-30,000 words can be done in 15-20 articles on the various stages of a project or whatever, but that will still take around 10-14 days of your time. A writer would probably charge about $400-$500, but the book would be professional - ready to put on the market.

You need to do the sums to see what best suits you. Making your own products from start to finish makes the most money, if that product is of adequate quality. Otherwise, it may earn you nothing. If you sold your ebook at $15 through Amazon for 70% of the sales cost, you would have to sell 40-50 units to get your investment back. After that, it is all yours.

So, all in all, the question of whether to outsource your ebook, depends on your degree of skill at writing, the amount of time you are prepared to devote to the project and the topic of the book.

You will probably have to write your novel yourself; you can easily outsource a factual, theoretical book (How To...) and you could probably compose your own promotional, short, ebook that is to be given away to advertise whatever you are attempting to sell.

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