What Do We All Know About Google's Process?

By Ed Eastwood

Whether you are a local seo services counsellor, or a company seo company, or simply a straightforward website or business owner looking killer rankings for your business, the majority of the seo practices you are using are based mostly on expectations.

Sure they could be based on other people's expectations from their own tests and trails with different strategies. Not everybody has the time talent and patience to figure out what works in seo.

You do have to be cautious about swinging wildly from one seo strategy to the next. This next link building process has long been valued by Google. It is long-term links. Long-term links are highly regarded by Google so if you're stumping up for links and have them for one or two months or even a one or two years and they all of a sudden stop, then your links will be discredited by the Google algorithm.

There are several reasons for this. One is that Google may think you are buying links and the other one is that they value longevity. A link becomes more valuable as it stays on the internet longer. Not least because the internet site it is just will itself have it's link acclaim increased as time rolls by, and also if the page your link is on gets some page rank and links built to it.

So how do you guarantee your links stick around? Bum marketing is a brilliant example. These links will most likely stick around on the sites they have made it onto till it ceases to exist. Articles don't cost much in time and finances to provide so they are a lot more effective than spending the bulk of your cash flow on paid links. Particularly as paid links can cease at any point.

It is natural for some of your links to disappear over the passage of time but as long as you are consistently captivating new links it's not actually much of an issue. You might find it a better utilization of your resources if you hire someone externally or internally with the sole purpose of writing content for article syndication. Though initially article promoting may have a slow ramp up to 1st success it's the foundation of most seo work.

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