Ways to Increase Your Newsletter Subscriber Numbers

By Dale Dunnahoo

If you want to publish a successful online newsletter, you have to give your subscribers original content that has real value to them. For many newsletter publishers, however, the first challenge is finding targeted readers who actually want to become subscribers. Our focus in this article will therefore be on methods that you can use to start attracting more subscribers to your online newsletter.

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Start By Driving Relevant Traffic to Your Site: The quality of your website traffic has a lot to do with how successful you are at attracting subscribers to your newsletter. If the visitors to your site are not well targeted to your niche, most of them won't have a real interest in what you're offering and aren't likely to become subscribers. You don't need to get random visitors to your site, as they won't help you get subscribers -you need people who are actually seeking out the kind of information your newsletter is sharing. Any promoting or content creation you do should be highly targeted to your niche, so if your topic is bodybuilding, it's best to target that audience rather than a more general one, like health & fitness. The more targeted you are in your approach, the better you'll be able to convert your visitors into subscribers.

Knowing what kind of action to take and exactly how they will benefit from your newsletter is what the people who visit your landing page will learn. If you are directing traffic with paid sources like pay per click ads then you definitely need a landing page. Keep your landing page simple and easy to use so it doesn't confuse your prospects.

Using a Thank You Page Promotion: Let other newsletter publishers in your niche know that you are willing to promote them on your 'Thank You' page if they will offer to do the same thing for you. Generally when people are done subscribing to a newsletter, they are in a receptive mode. By using a Thank you page and creating simple partnerships with other publishers, you are actually making it easier for your newsletter to be exposed to a new audience. The subscribers to your newsletter won't be impacted negatively and your reputation won't be impaired if you use a 'Thank You' page to recommend other newsletters. They will probably appreciate the fact that you are offering them other resources that could be helpful to them.

The whole point in posting your newsletters is to establish a formidable viewing audience.

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