The Uses Of English To German Translation

By Olivia Wright

English to German translations aren't always done by all professional translation services. There are some translation services that will only provide German to English translations and not the other way around which can be a problem, particularly for customers who want translation services from the English language to the German language.

The most common projects that require English to German translations are:

The content of websites: Website content, including blog posts, landing pages, and articles from original English websites are typically translated into German so that they can attract audiences that speak German to check out their goods and services. Although some small translation projects might be charged by the word, there are translation services that will provide a package deal for translating the content of a website. Instruction and training manuals: Both English and German businesses that manufacture products for consumption by the general public also need instruction manuals that are multilingual including the languages of Italian, Spanish, French, German, and English. Manuals are usually somewhat shorter, but as a result of their technical nature they can be as expensive as academic or business Business papers: Most business papers that are translated from English to German are done by translators that are in house. However, some business papers are also sent to professional translation services. Although it depends on the kind of business paper to be translated, most translation services charge about the same rate as that for academic papers. Academic papers: Academic papers such as scientific research papers, dissertations, and theses are also commonly translated. These translation services are usually bought by students who need to have their papers to be read by teachers who only speak German. As a result of the technical content, the translation of academic papers is usually more expensive than other kinds of translations.

Prior to actually hiring a translation service to translation English to German there are some things that are required by the translation service. These things include:

Changing to a different tone: The translators must be able to change from one tone to another. The styles of tones include narrative, conversational, and formal. It is important that the translator be able to change tones according to the kind of project being translated. Simple transliterations wouldn't provide the meaning of the project, which would make unable to be understood by the readers. Mastery of both the English and German languages: Translation professionals need to have a mastery of both English and German. This means that they must have knowledge about both nations including their cultural, political, and socio economic aspects and have to pass a proficiency examination. In order for them to prove that they have the ability to translate accurately, translators have to provide certifications from related governing bodies such as international translation associations.

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