Understand The Differences Between Telecommute Resumes And Standard Resumes

By Ian Tate

What are the main points that separate a standard resume and a telecommute resume?

Telecommute resumes are a notch higher.

Anytime a telecommute job is posted, recruiters and hiring managers get swamped by resumes. The average number of resumes received for a specific project varies between 750 and 1,000. Three days after the posting, the number begins to slightly decrease. In other words, within three days they will probably have about 2,000 resumes to read through.

Because of this, you absolutely have to have a resume that stands apart from the crowd. Of course, it doesn't mean that your resume needs to go overboard with clip art and graphics. Rather, your information should be presented in a format that pleasing to the eye and easy to read. You need to highlight your skills, your ability to self-manage, and your talent when it comes to organizing your time.

Telecommute resumes are more often held in high regard.

You are competing with people all over the country instead of just local applicants. The telecommuting employer will only choose from the best of the best. Your potential is going to be judged on the basis of what is in your resume.

You have to pay extra attention to spelling and grammar errors. Never use the word "I" on your resume. Pay great attention to punctuation, especially to commas and periods.

Don't rely on the computer to teach you proper grammar, those little green lines look intimidating, but you can make them go away. Instead, refer to a manual or an online manual to show you how to correct your mistakes.

Telecommute resumes are your business card.

The hiring manager is not going to be able to meet you. They may call you for a phone interview, but they will make most of their hiring decision based on your resume alone. Include any and all relevant information, and leave out the rest. Read over your resume and think about what impression you will make.

In addition, if you have taken any online certification tests be sure to add that information. Ditto with any relation to a business association. Going the extra mile might make the difference between a regretful e-mail, and "you're hired."

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