Thesaurus - Word Games

By Ian Tate

Thriving on the repeated use of words as well as phrases are some beautiful literary styles. The language is described to be beautiful and poetic. But this is not an article that would encourage you to use repeated words.

It may be in your best interest to read through your text and determine if a phrase or word is overused unless you are writing in a style that demands the use of repetition.

Here is an example,


Finding the purpose of the repeated use of a word and then the purpose not to use that word so much is the goal of this exercise.

Being good

The purpose of this exercise is to discover the objective of the repeated use of a word. After which you resolve not to use that word continually.

Although both sentences said the exact same thing, one was infused with different yet related words which would allow a more readable flow.

There are plenty of writers who would work on a first draft and laying down the ideas in a coherent fashion is how they can accomplish this. After they have toiled through the first draft, only then will they begin to notice a repetition of words or phrases.

Utilizing a tool that provides a benefit in saying something that's more of unique fashion is what many writers do and this device is called a thesaurus.

You can use a thesaurus in order to take a sentence like the following and transform it into something new.

What about original?

Taking part in the school play was hard for Tammy because she was so shy and awkward.


Since Tammy was so reserved and self-conscious, participating in the theatrical production at school was challenging for her.

Many word processors provide a tool function that allows you to highlight a word and it will provide a list of word choices that you can use to replace an overused or ill-fitting word.

If a greater interest in writing longhand is what you have, then try to consider buying a thesaurus in order to assist you in your writing. A thesaurus can help open up new avenues of creativity and expression in your writing and this may even come as a surprise for you.

Sometimes a word will have more than one meaning and a good thesaurus can help provide words in context of the original meaning giving you flexibility in the application of any given word.

So the next time you stumble across a word that has seen lots of appearances in your writing, break out a thesaurus and expand the possibilities.

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