Stop All Spending Your Pay Checks On Links

By John Puccio

There is one virtually ineffective way to perform seo. That's by buying links. Instead of buying links put your money into learning how to build links, or paying seo consultants to do the task for you.

The best links are the ones that stick around for the long term. The issue about paid links is that they evaporate as quickly as your cash stops. Link networks also tend to offer the program to too many members. This means there'll be far too many outgoing links crammed onto the sites your link is on, and the sites will be judged bad quality.

Too many links on a page also lowers the page rank distribution each outwards bound link supplies, so whether or not the site is page rank 5 the benefit it's going to be doing for you in terms of page rank pass on are almost zero.

One of the best strategies to get long-lasting links is by employing article marketing as your primary choice of building links. You only need to be told how to do it on a massive scale and get your links distributed to a wide as net as feasible of websites. If you glance at the cost of having 50 or 100 articles written and distributed every month, it may work out a lot cheaper and more effective than paying $500-1000 each month on buying links.

What will you do if some day Google wipes the complete link network from it's database. Will you know or will the web designers even tell you. If this happens and you've spent $5000 this year on taking those links, then it's $5000 down the drain.

Think what a seo company or you yourself might have done with a $5000 budget. And the links you'd built up would have stayed around also. Now do you see the chance concerned in handing over your cash to a link network?

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