Skip The Bad Speakers: Habits Of A Competent Guest Speaker To Remember

By James H McCabe

A competent guest speaker who have taken various speaking appointments certainly has distinct habits that show true competency.

Speakers are not strangers to the times when despite all their efforts and urgent relevance of the topic the audience lack energy, enthusiasm, even entirely confused. Put it as a speaker's worst nightmare. This clearly goes inside the drawer of "how to get the message across and received well".

A competent guest speaker who can play expertise and communicating with the audience well have these helpful habits:

1. Strives To Know The Audience

An effective guest speaker takes the time and effort to know the demographic of the group he or she will be talking to. Factors such as age, educational attainment and economic background sure do dictate the level on which the talk should be designed. For example, younger audiences need conceptual ideas and facts to be broken down into concrete, real-life examples they can easily relate to.

2. Levels Off At The Start Of The Talk

A good speaker strives to establish a mutual understanding with the audience right at the start of the talk. He or she doesn't dump the huge dish to overwhelm the listeners. One great way of levelling off the topic is sharing his personal involvement with the topic with a bit of history of how he or she ended up becoming qualified for the talk. This encourages the audience to think about their personal awareness of the subject matter and put them in the attitude that they have their own fair share to be able to relate to and understand what's being talked about.

3. Use Visual Aids Wisely

Images and representations provide an easy to grasp explanation more than paragraphs of words may accomplish. A great speaker recognizes that there are instances when the transition or conveyance of an idea or concept can be better done through visual aids. A slight pause is necessary for the viewers to grasp the idea represented by graphs, charts, pictures or even bulleted points in a Powerpoint presentation. Does the speaker give the audience the necessary pause for thought?

4. Sense Of Humor and Participant Q and A

Great speakers are far from a ho-hum, bland presence up the stage. They care about the energy level of their audience and know when to crack the ice. Also, they encourage active learning by setting aside time for Q and A portion.

5. Wraps Important Points In A Neat, Easy To Digest Bites

Summarizing the important points of the talk is a mark of a competent guest speaker who can truly inspire and encourage the audience to apply what they've learned to the real-world outside the classroom. Bonus points: We love guest speakers who share hand outs for each member after the talk.

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