Scholastic Aptitude Test: What to Know

By Debrah Langston

Every year thousands of seniors prepare to take the SATs. They meet with their counselors and map out strategies that can help them to achieve their goal, which is to get the highest score possible. The libraries are inundated with an influx of young people trying to find that one item that can give them the edge.

There is no reason why you cannot get a 2400. Baron's SAT manual presents hard material focusing on the more difficult issues found on the SATs. The concept behind this approach is to challenge the student on a more difficult level and causing them to delve deeper into the subject matter.

The SATs provide colleges with a snap shot of the cumulative knowledge throughout your academic history and how you are able to use it. The SATs cover three basic categories, critical reading, math, and writing. The critical reading section was originally referred to as the verbal section. Here the student is tested on his or her understanding of sentence structure, vocabulary, and ability to organize thoughts into cohesive language flow. In the math section, students demonstrate their proficiency with numbers and operation. They deal with algebra, and the analysis of the information.

The manual strategy is to sharpen the student's skills and increase their focus. The College Board SAT is the official manual for students that want to prepare for the test. The theory presented in this approach is after months of studying the student should begin to practice taking the test. The writers of this manual are the same team that created the College Boards.

The idea is to prepare all throughout your high school journey. Talk to your counselors and tailor your courses toward college preparation. Picking the right SAT manual to use in preparation for the SATs can give the student the confidence, skills that can help them achieve the highest score possible even a perfect score.

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