The Right Way To Excel With Creative Writing

By Jilly K Peakes

The god thing about being a creative writer is that there aren't any rules. You can go on writing courses to improve your skills but you may potentially learn more from being round the other writers or being around other people in general. The best thing about writing is you can be whatsoever you want during the daytime - a doctor, a baker, a SEO expert, a bricklayer - but at night you may be a writer.

There are several writing occupations you can work at if you're making an attempt to break thru as a writer. Some may involve voluntary work but they may set you on course for where you wish to finish up. Think of volunteering for your local paper, this may actually lead onto paid work as well. Can you imaging having your own column, whether it's on film reviews or sports results. Getting to voice your opinion has it's own rewards

What about setting up your own blog. It needn't be about creative writing but that is an option for your subject matter as well. If you are serious about journalism beginning with your local paper or doing a journalism or media degree is a good option.

The brilliant thing about a media degree is that even if you don't finish up with a writing or media job, you need to use the degree to get into business and many more options.

If you like drama you need to get embroiled with your local theatre and film companies. An opportunity may arise you writing part of a play, a short film or a commercial. Perhaps you can work as a story editor for your local video or theatre company. Check out the local film institutions in your neighborhood too. They might offer internships or writing courses for film, tv, radio or theatre you could be interested in.

Masses of folk want to be writers, but not all specify or thing they might be interested in specializes areas. Areas such as radio dramas, tv commercials, plays, autobiographies, interviews even. You can't be sure you'll like something until you give it a try, so don't be shy in following a writing avenue you never imagined yourself being concerned in.

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