Novice Email Copywriters - Discover what to Pay Attention to

By David Paul

To succeed as an email copywriter isn't difficult, it just means getting all the different elements into place so that your overall copy is successful. Given below are a few easy to understand and apply email copywriting tips that you can use right away to see results ...

Make it Urgent: If you want people to consider your email important, it helps to bring in a time factor. Your readers probably receive dozens of offers every day, and you have to make the most of their attention while you have it -which is why urgency is such a crucial factor. Your offer should be both compelling and limited, so that people want to get in on it before it expires. In order to convert your prospect, you have to both make him or her want your product and also present it as something that won't be available for much longer. Making an offer time sensitive can make a real difference with your conversions. Don't, however, resort to tricks where you create a deadline and then don't stick to it, as people will not trust you then.

Give People a Freebie: If you're trying to promote something with your email, start by providing readers with something of real value. The last thing you'd want is your readers feeling that you're trying to do some hardcore selling with your email. If you want to convince readers to take a look at your offer, start out by informing and educating them on the topic. Even if your objective is to sell something, you want to show people that your main purpose is to help them out. Just make sure that the information you provide isn't so comprehensive that the reader will feel like he doesn't even need to check out your offer. Your email might, for instance, give people some basic information that your offer will cover in much greater detail. In a way, you're adding a bit of pre-selling to your copy to get your email readers a taste of what's coming up.

Tricking Your Prospects is a Bad Idea: While you want people to actually open your emails, don't resort to trickery to accomplish this. You have a lot of leeway in the subject line, but you should avoid anything like "Notification of payment" that's simply a ruse to get them to open the email. Your email subject line has to be well aligned with the content of your copy, so that the promise that you make in the subject line is fulfilled. While a misleading subject may get people to open your email, it won't help you in the long run, and will cause many people to unsubscribe from your list. Gaining the trust of your prospects is an important element of email copywriting, and once you lose this it's almost impossible to win it back. It's best, therefore, to stick to the truth when it comes to subject lines. All the tips given in the above article do work, but if you want to make them work for you, then you must take action on what you have just learned. So try to improve and enhance your email marketing campaigns by improving your copy first.

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