No News is Good News

By Nathan James

With modern day media around the world combined with the wonders of the internet, it's hard to keep anything a secret anymore. Bank scandals are rapidly coming to light, along with MP scandals, news of the world scandals and virtually every other bit of dirty news people can find.

But it does seem to be getting too negative, these unfortunate incidents are reported by the hundreds and it's difficult to find a light in your day when there's so much negativity being reported each day. Wouldn't it be nice just for a day to turn on the television and hear nothing but good news? But the chances are slim as negative news always gives better ratings overall and even if the positive is more inspirational.

The world would struggle to function in such technological times without the bad news, it's important to know whether a natural disaster has struck the world so that we can offer aid, it's important to know when a bank collapses because it affects the whole country. But what if you need some form of good news to brighten your day after all the negativity surrounding the media? Where would you go to find some positively good news that would brighten your day, re-motivate you and take away the bitter taste of the bad news?

The answer is everywhere, there is good news all around us but it's rarely reported because it doesn't give the ratings the media require. You're more likely to find a good news story in a newspaper than on the television, this is mainly because the television news can count their followers but the newspapers can't track it beyond the purchase of the newspaper. If you concentrate on all of the good news in the world then there really is surprising amount of it, but why isn't it in one place?

A great place to start looking for good news is the internet, you'll find people are more likely to post the good news on the internet because that's where it most likely to be heard or read. The media is becoming more and more controlled over time but the internet still allows complete freedom of speech.

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