Marketers Are Getting More Followers On Google Plus

By Leon McLuur

Many people use social networking sites to stay connected with family and friends, meet new people or as part of their marketing strategy. No matter the reason, there's no denying the current popularity of such sites. One newcomer is Google Plus. As soon as you have set up your account, there's one challenge ahead of you: getting more followers on Google Plus.

Perhaps the quickest way to gain friends or more people to your circles is by clicking on the "Circle" on top of your homepage. Click on "Find and Invite" and you will see a list of people from your Gmail account. Simply drag each person to one of the existing circles below.

You may also create new circles other than "Friends", "Family", "Acquaintances" and "Following" that are already there. Simply drag a friend to the leftmost circle that's gray in color. Click "Add a new person" option if you wish to add people who are not on the list.

Allow your friends from your other social networking accounts that you have just set up yours on this new one. Let everyone know about it and place a link to your profile. Those who also got accounts there may click on it so they may add you to their circle. Some of your contacts may not be aware of it yet. Simply tell them that anyone who wants to get an invitation simply have to send you their e-mail addresses via private messaging.

Be on the lookout for famous people putting up their accounts. Be it a recording artist, movie actor, painter or book writer, send the person an invitation. Participate actively in the posts so people there who are also looking for more followers may go over your profile and invite you if they find your comments there interesting enough.

Come up with striking posts that can go viral. It can be an amazing photograph, a nifty quote, amazing drawings or funny video clips. No matter what it is, see to it that it's worthy of being reposted or shared to others. Choose "Extended Circles" or "Public" to ensure that everyone can access it. If people like it, it's not unlikely for them to right away add you to their circles.

Making sensible comments on the post of your friends also helps in getting more followers on Google Plus. When taking part in discussions, see to it that you leave comments that make sense. When friends of friends run into your comments, they may get interested with you. This will lead to viewing of your profile and adding you to their circles.

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