The Job Of Being An Event Emcee Is Not As Easy At It Looks

By Craig Thomas

Once you have had the opportunity to speak at an event you understand that it is not easy to be as comfortable and engaging as a professional makes it look. A truly professional, dedicated emcee spends a great deal of time practicing and mastering the skills it takes to speak in front of a large audience. Researching who and what they will be introducing is critical to a smooth presentation and the ability to keep an event on schedule is the mark of a professional emcee.

The majority of events do not require that an emcee do most of the talking. Unlike an awards presentation like the Academy Awards where the emcee carries the entire show, the typical goal of the emcee is to keep the event on schedule and the audience engaged with the individuals that are being honored. If a presentation runs shorter than scheduled the emcee may need to add some filler and if a presentation runs long they may need to condense a portion of the next introduction.

An event emcee should do as much research as possible about the people who are being recognized. Not only should they research the topic of the reason for recognition, it is a great idea for them to learn some background about the person, and glowing accomplishments they have made that would relate or be fitting to bring up during an introduction.

The age old adage that image is everything holds true with an emcee. If they are scuffling and constantly looking at their notes they are generating an image of disorganization and bad preparation. With proper preparation and a thorough grasp of the information they need an emcee has the tools to make flawless, entertaining introductions without bring the audience with lengthy rhetoric.

You may want to check with the event organizers to make sure you create the correct mood but most gatherings want the emcee to be positive and upbeat from the programs start to finish. A professional emcee will always keep an eye on the audience to make sure they have not lost interest if a long winded honoree spends too much time thanking everyone. If they have the emcee will get the audience back on track. How an events ends leaves a lasting impression so the emcee should exhibit as much enthusiasm as possible congratulating the honorees and thanking the audience for coming.

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