How To Learn American English

By Marjorie J McDonald

American English really is not a complicated language to learn to use if the right strategy is taken with the basic part of the language. In getting ready to learn this language it may be interesting to know that in grades 1 and 2 of elementary school a student learns 700 spelling words. In grade 3 there are a further 915 words added to the language basics and then each year from grades 4-9 there are 1000 words each year that are added. By the end of the 9th grade the basic total of 6,615 words are in the vocabulary of the learner.

Within this same learning time, rules of the language are used to make the make use of the American English language a simple flow for the person who is learning. Each student learns at a different level and at a different time so the value of using a system is the first step to the successful results of the student trying to learn American English. That might be a younger student or an adult.

Anyone that is learning American English but who speaks a different primary language in the home can experience a difficulty in becoming fluent at English. This is because of the recurring switch between the languages giving little practice with talking English and using the English rules of sentence structure so it gets simpler to flow with the new language.

While youngsters find using different languages less complicated, anyone can learn to speak and use American English easily with just a bit bit of practice in learning and using the basic spelling of the 6,615 words that form the foundation of the language and then applying the few rules of American English sentence structure.

The starting place for learning where you are with your English language ability level is by taking a pretest. A pretest is a list of the words prepared for each grade level. There are 15 words in levels An and B and 25 words in levels C-H. The learning level will answer the question for you about how you teach spelling. If you would like to progress quickly a collection of prepared lessons will help you in doing that so you can reach your objective of reading or writing in American English whether or not you are a kid or an adult that's learning English for the 1st time or learning the English language as a second language.

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