How To Get More Friends On Facebook

By Helen McAndrews

If you are addicted to facebook like so many people, it's probably the most important thing in your life and you would love to know how to get more friends on Facebook. You may have spent months building up a list of friends but are only getting a few comments a day. It can be frustrating when you see that some people have hundreds more friends that you have.

It only makes you feel worse when you see that some friends get about 20 comments a day. In the facebook community, the number of friends on your profile is quite a status symbol. Building a list can be tedious, time-consuming and, often, unsuccessful. Here are some things you can try to increase your list of friends.

The first thing to do is open up your facebook page and click 'friends'. The next step is to click 'find friends'. Now, you can do a search through the contact lists on your email account. Alternatively, click 'more ways to find friends' which will enable you to search work, school, or college groups.

When you find the name of a person who you would like to join your list, select 'add to friends'. He or she will receive a message that you would like to be a facebook friend. They will have the option to accept this invitation. If accepted, you will soon see his or her name on your list as well as a thumbnail photograph of the person.

Another way is to use your existing friends to find new ones. Look at their lists and add some to your list. These people will also be notified and, on acceptance, you will be able to activate their profiles and send or receive comments. Another idea is to look for people who enjoy the same interests as you.

You can also use facebook to find customers for your business. Say, for example, that you make and distribute baby clothing. The first step is to find a niche group of mothers-to-be. Communicate by giving out interesting information about baby clothes. Tell them that they are welcome to ask you for advice or if they have questions relating to this topic. Post helpful answers and stay in contact with the group.

If you are trying to find out how to get more friends on Facebook, be it for social or business reasons, be sure to post videos, articles, and blogs. Another method is to purchase computer software for this specific purpose. Apparently, you can gain up to 500 friends every day. This option could be worth further investigation.

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