How to Deal With Death - Loss of Disappearance of a Daughter

By Burton Rager

At some point in our life each of us will face a loss in our life, somebody we adore and care for will die. Perhaps you have just been there. Think about the loss presented below and consider the hurt you would experience. I know you notice that if you haven't been in this place it is simply impossible to understand.

The loss of a child can devastate a family. It could be the toughest loss you can face in life. How about if it was from a disappearance? I cannot image the permanent disappearance of a kid. In a neighborhood I once lived in a family who only lived two doors down went on a family cruise. The teenage child was lost while on the cruise. This has been many years back and to this day they don't have any closure.

I won't imagine the grief and agony I'd suffer if one of my girls died or one of then vanished. It is frightening even writing the words, yet families every day have to face this in their life. Think of the ma who brought the little one into this world and nurtured them.

Think about the father and his tiny dear girl or boy is simply gone. The brother or sister left in the dust. The grandparent who may have already faced much loss in life and now a grandchild. Life can appear cruel and harsh and it can change in a flash often times with no warning.

Is their a response to permit us to travel this road? Can I have a true break thru in my life in spite of the appalling loss and the devastation I feel inside? There is an answer and we'd like to provide you a free present "God's Answer." To learn more about how to deal with stress in your life.

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