How To Compose Into Writing Your Great Depression Memoirs

By Darcy Henderson

A lot of people, especially those who have experienced how life was like then, cannot seem to forget the challenges that have been brought about by the major economic slump back in the 1930s. Such compelling tales and memories have made many people write great depression memoirs.

Many individuals consider those times to be one of the bleakest in the American history. The number of individuals who lost their jobs and left with no means of fending for themselves rose uncontrollably considering how many firms close and cut down their workers.

For people who still have such a clear memory of what happened back then would remember that the economic struggles started in the crash of Wall Street in the year 1929. Stock prices plummeted, and many people who have invested their money in the stock market were broke.

One might want to start narrating his great depression memoirs by making an account of the way life was before the economic trial struck. This is because during those days, the country was enjoying a good economic run and prosperity was apparent to many people.

This will then be effectively contrasted with how the stock market was brought to its knees. As it turned out, many bankers have placed investments on the stock as well. With the stock market crippled, many financial institutions were forced to close down and cease operations.

One may also want to include in the narrative the way times have gradually changed and shifted into the way of living that is now apparent today. Contrasting the harsh life conditions during those bleak economic days to the way people enjoy life these times can be a very compelling read.

With the number of people that have been largely affected by the economic slump during the 1930s, many people who have lived to see the modern times are often compelled to compose their own great depression memoirs as their way of letting the new generation know how fortunate they are to have not experienced those challenging times.

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