Helpful Tips if You're Starting Out With Copywriting

By Andrew Henry

It is important that you understand the basics when you start out with copy writing. To reach the more advanced levels of copy writing, it is important that you understand the basic foundations so it won't be as difficult. The reason for this article is to give you a clear understanding of how to start out with beginning copy writing.

Keep It Simple: One of your main concerns should be to keep things as simple as possible for your clients. You should be certain that your copy is not too hard for your clients to read and learn. Do not make things so complicated with the intent of making yourself look good. Because that almost always backfires. You have to explain to your prospects in a clear manner what you are offering and how they can benefit from it. Basically, this means that you should use easy sentences, paragraphs and words so that your prospect will not have any difficulty understanding you.

That's why your main job is to show them what your product will do for them. You have to appeal directly to the needs and interests of your target audience. It's not the actual product that someone is really buying, but the image of it you've created in their mind. They're not interested in helping your business, but in overcoming their own challenges. It's not your company they want to invest in, but their own well being. This may be the single most important principle of copywriting, so pay attention to it when you create your copy. In general, it's a healthy sign if your copy uses words like "you" and "your" more often than words like "I' or "my." Target The Individual: When you're writing a copy, keep in mind that you're writing it for only one person and not a group. You will fail right at the start if you write copy that is aimed at convincing a large audience. Getting the one individual to feel as if your writing is the same as talking to you face to face is the result of good copy writing. This is the only way you're going to make your copy more personal and effective; this is how you get your prospect to see the importance of your offer. Instead of feeling like they are just part of a mass mailing, the individual that goes through your copy will want it to be personal and on a one to one basis. Your copy should make your prospect feel as if they are the highest priority and that you are giving him/her special preference.

Make Your Offer Limited: One of the most effective principles of copywriting is to pressure prospects into taking action right away, before the chance passes them by. You have to make your prospect enter a mindset where taking immediate action becomes mandatory. People have a natural fear of being left out of something desirable or valuable, and this will often cause them to buy something when you set it up this way. Every offer can be made more enticing by using this trick.

Stay away from using any type of jargon in your copy because that will actually confuse your prospect. A confused person will never be in the right mindset to buy. So you should make it your goal to help your prospects understand things.

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