Green Printing NYC - There Are Many Ways To Go Green

By Brianna Bennett

If you are looking for green printing NYC then there are several things to look for. Over 300 million Americans use around 100 million tons of paper, annually. Our Earth is straining from our neglect, so it is more important than ever to be environmentally conscious.

Although, lumber is considered a renewable material, the process getting it from the forest to the shelf is a complex process that involve a lot of toxic chemicals along the way. Besides the transportation costs and consumption, the chemicals in the paper pulp creation process are harmful to the Earth.

Looking for a print shop that is mindful of the products they use in their printing is important. Check for the sources of the products. Most inks are petroleum based so, ask if they use chemically safe ink and what kind of printer they use. Some printers have a safe method whereby, the excess ink is trapped and not allowed to air dry which is better for the environment.

We now know that it is more important to protect and care for forests than it is to recycle paper. Doing all we can to protect the trees, the land, the water and the wildlife that live among the timber-lands will go a long way to saving our environment. Look too for chlorine free or unbleached products, as the waste from bleach can be harmful to water and land.

It's important to know that there are national organizations that are set up to make sure large companies abide by practices that are environmentally safe. These companies act as watch dogs to industries and have created a system whereby, a certificate is visible on the end product indicating that the process and materials used in its creation are 'green'.

A greener option to regular printing is digital printing. This process uses very tiny plastic colored beads that create the image on the paper. Traditional ink has great toxins in its composition and they released when the excess is allowed to dry on the surface of the paper. So, consider going green printing NYC and do your part to take care of our Earth.

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