Get Rid Of Public Speaking Anxiety Through Rehearsing

By Sue Hamrick

Like death, taxes and annoying co-workers, public speaking is an inevitable part of every adult's life - we all have to go through it at least once.

You might have raised your glass and proposed a toast at your best friend's wedding, or discussed your report to class. At work, you could have done an oral presentation for a promotion. And chances are you actually spoke in front of a panel group of interviewers to get you the job that you're working for right now.

These are all situations that would require a person to muster the courage to speak in front of several people.

Either you rise to the occasion or go the milquetoast route - it all depends if you can handle it or not.

It has been proven in studies that a lot of Americans count public speaking as one of their top fears.

How do we eliminate this widespread public speaking anxiety?

Of course it is - you just need to rehearse as you conquer your fear.

Here is a quick list of tips that you can help you in your next reh so you can eliminate the oh-so-common fear of speaking in public:

Master what you have to read.

To simplify your speech, create a handy outline and look for parts of your speech that could be turned into talking points.

Research - it is not enough to master your speech, but you want to be well-prepared for any surprise questions that may be raised in the duration of your presentation.

Before the fateful day of your speech, run your own dress rehearsal.

If your public speaking engagement is to be held in a specific place with formal setting, you may want to visit the place a day or several hours before the speech to get acquainted with the environment.

If there is a rostrum, stand in front of it and test the height. If certain adjustments have to be made, then make them so you can be sure people will see you as you speak.

Akin to a musical combo's sound check, you can also take this opportunity to test the equipment to make sure everything is in order.

Create charts and photos for a slide presentation to make your presentation more informative and interesting.

Time is of the essence in these engagements, so you can run-through your entire speech and record yourself while doing so. This would give you anidea of how long it will run. And maybe more important than this would be the tone of your voice - if discussing a major talking point, this is where you want your voice to perk up or become more passionate.

Have somebody shoot a video of yourself rehearsing your speech, or do it yourself.

Review the video afterwards and take note of vocal inflections (or lack of) or unnecessary hand gestures that need to be eliminated.

Practice makes perfect, so it is very important to rehearse before giving out that all-important oral presentation and help you reduce your public speaking anxiety.

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