Does a 1st Time Fantasy Author Truly Need a Publisher?

By Wayland Myers

The answer for new, first time authors especially is, "no". In the current day's writing world, the truth is that you will need to take the power into your own hands and work on Self Publishing your book as an e-Book,,,,,,, if that be an electronic book Western or other genre. Much more needs to be explained about how this is done than can be covered in this brief piece, but in brief, here is a list of some of the roles you can take over and do yourself that you used to rely a normal Publisher to play:

The Reviewer - Desire to find out if your book is sufficiently good to sell to a wider audience? Then offer it at no charge online, thru your site, site, site, site, site, site, site, to a controlled number of readers and ask for their feedback.

The Editor - It is true that you should not edit your own work. However , there are plenty of independent editors that you can hire for a fair rate to help you edit your work. It is far less expensive in the longer term for you to pay for this service than it's going to be after giving a Publisher 90% possession of your work.

The Printer - Creating an e-book is simpler each day. There are free resources to create PDFs, MOBIs and all the formats you require for iPad, Nook and Kindle e-readers, and there are folk who will convert your book as a service.

The Distributor - You do not need to ship your book anywhere. Offering it as a download on your site, or directly from sites like or works extremely well.

The Promoter - If you have got a website, site, site, site, site, site, site, a writer Facebook page, and a mass email service, you have all of the tools you have to start selling yourself. You need somewhere for folks to go to read about you and download your book. Then you need to get out there in the forums and websites that readers of your brand frequent and start talking about your book and pointing them back to your website.

If you believe it'll cost time and cash to self publish, you are correct. But you'll give away far less of your work than otherwise. And you'll get to understand your fans, learn things that improve your writing, and with a little bit of luck begin to build a community around your work that you can leverage next time you publish Western novels yourself.

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