Do Teddy Bears care about SEO for Local Firms?

By Jean-Marie Moes

I'm sometimes wondering if Teddy Bears can really talk, and if they could, would they be able to tell me a bedtime story about how they invented SEO for Local Businesses. This is indeed a story, but let me expand upon it for some time.

"So there my cuddly bear, please let me know how SEO for Local Firms was invented in the 1st place."

"Well, you see, you humans once invented something you now call the web, which is without doubt a method to interlink all the electronic documents you made. This doesn't mean all documents are actually interlinked, because a low number of you do like indeed to keep them for themselves hiding them in privacy, but over 4 billions of documents are available now for the world to sort through and find the piece of info you're looking for.

It commenced in laboratories where scientists were the first to be in a position to interlink their respective scientific papers in a both immediate and effective way. However it was not long before companies and governments noticed the possibilities the net was beginning to offer them to reach and expand outside their 4 walls.

The time was the early 90's then, almost twenty years later, no human is in own mind wouldn't think of hitting the internet before he makes a search, be it for his private or professional life. Well, maybe we Teddy Bears do tend to exaggerate a bit here, but you see we have a vested interest. We do indeed want to rule the world, there's even an old and quite wise teddy bear who has decided he would become the very first plush president of the earth.

But before he starts pushing his candidature, he must grasp what you humans are truly attempting to find when 'hunting' for a bear, so that he would present you the most lovable teddy bears on earth, the ones no one will be well placed to resist, the ones everyone will wish to buy, the ones you may run for, scream for, as he has discovered a way to make you long for him."

Have I gone out of my mind here? Was I only dreaming? Well not particularly, to be completely fair. Because this is indeed what search engine optimisation is all about. You do have a purpose, a message, a product, a service you want to deliver, and just like Teddy Bear, you need the world to realise it is there and exists, and must be found.

More important, if you happen to be a small business owner, you have now the world open to your ventures, and there's absolutely no doubt the power of the internet will make it so you will sooner or later succeed in applying marketing techniques once only available for huge corporations.

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