Basic Email Copywriting Tactics to be Aware of

By Lamar Marcus

Successful email copywriting can help you make better sales, win the trust of your subscribers and assist you in creating a long term relationship with your email list. Here are a few effective points that you should keep in mind at all times when you're starting out with email copywriting, so that the copy that you create gives you real and targeted results.

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Short and To the Point Is Better: Longer copy gives better results when talking about direct mail marketing. Because you can give more information about the product in the copy it can convince the target audience to purchase it. Using long copy isn't always successful when using email to approach potential prospects. In the view of Internet use, 3 minutes can seem like a long time especially if the user feels they have wasted their time. So people are really careful as to where they are investing their time. Keeping your sales message short and concise will get prospects to read it since they will feel it won't take too much time. Getting visitors to visit your blog or site is the basic purpose of the email copy. Because there is a different expectation between reading email and reading a website copy,so once you get your prospects to your website, you can give them the main information there. Keep Your Email Subject Lines Short: Obviously, you will not have a clue as to what kind of email service provider your subscribers will be utilizing, so it is smarter for you to have the most influence in the opening of your emails. Similar to a well thought out headline, a valuable subject line should be concise and effectual. If the subject line is too long, AOL and Hotmail are some of the email providers that will curtail the subject line.

Begin With the Subject Line: What's the main point of the email you're going to send? What promise do you aim at fulfilling? Getting clear about your subject line and writing it before the content of your email is something that you should focus on. When you write your subject line first, you tend to get the whole idea of what your email's copy would be structured around. The subject line also gives readers a good idea of what to expect in the email, so it's important to be compelling and forthright in this area. You really want both your subject line and email to give readers a clear and compelling picture of what your offer is about.

Do Not Tell Them to Click Here: As strange as it may sound, do not tell your subscribers to, Click Here, because that will make your subscribers feel like you are pushing it on them. You can use alternate phrases with your link such as, Check out This Offer or Download the eBook here. In order for your readers to anticipate what will follow when they click on your link, you should attempt to interlace the steps you want them to take in your copy. Furthermore, if you ultimately have a hankering to amplify the click through rate of your email, you should do your best to get your readers to feel relaxed before you move them toward the link with your call to action.

The things we talked about in the article above were just a smidgeon of what is available, because there is tons more that you will have to pay attention to if you want a thriving email copy. So continue to gain knowledge and put new techniques to use while you are moving ahead, because it is essential for your long term success.

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