Animated Stories Bring Bible Stories to Life!

By Aaron Vincett

I love the Living Scriptures animated stories. When I was a child, I grew up watching the Living Scriptures Bible story videos and the Living Scriptures Book of Mormon videos, as well as the Prophets Hero Classics and the American Hero Classics. I believe that a great deal of my knowledge and ability to remember the stories in the scriptures is because of my parents' decision to purchase the Living Scriptures animated videos and show them to my brother and I. At our house, we watched the Living Scriptures animated stories at least once a week as a family, and we all grew to love these wonderful videos.

Living Scriptures Inc. was first founded in 1974 and is based in Ogden, Utah. Living Scriptures Inc. first started out with primarily audio cassette dramatizations of popular children stories, like The Ugly Duckling, as well as scriptures and Mormon culture stories, like Joseph Smith's First Vision and Abraham and Isaac. With the invention of the TV and the VCR, Living Scriptures Inc. put together a team to produce Mormon VHS featuring Bible story videos, Book of Mormon videos, and the Prophets Hero Classics videos. The Living Scriptures mission statement is to "Teach Values and Change Lives Through Helping Families Turn to the Scriptures."

Some of the amazingly talented people on the Living Scriptures animated videos team included famous author Orson Scott Card, and former Disney director Richard James Rich. The Living Scriptures team worked very hard to combine a diverse arena of talents into one successful business model: The Living Scriptures Animated Videos.

Living Scriptures acknowledges the fact that today's parents face the daily challenge of teaching their children not only how to develop and grow into strong, moral individuals, but also to develop a knowledge and love of the scriptures. As a parent, I also worry that I am not teaching my children as much as I should be. The Living Scriptures animated videos is, in my opinion, a great solution to this problem. I am able to sit down with my children in front of a good, clean, Mormon VHS and enjoy watching my children learn about the scriptures in a fun and animated way! I know that the Living Scriptures business model believes in families and will help my children come to love the scriptures through the Living Scriptures animated stories.

We live in precarious times and our children are growing up in a world where immorality and violence run rampant. Living Scriptures Inc. strives to use their products and videos to provide a basis of strong, moral values in our children's lives. The Living Scriptures animated videos include stories from the Book of Mormon and Mormon Prophets Hero Classics, as well as Bible story videos and American Hero Classics.

The stories in the Living Scriptures animated videos teach children and families about charity, obedience, courage, strength, love, and faith. All characteristics that we want our children to grow up with. How amazing that such a fun product, a Mormon VHS, can have such a profound impact on the lives of our kids! These Living Scriptures animated stories are brilliant! And I was very excited to hear the rumor that Deseret Book has started selling the Living Scriptures videos. Now these wonderful animated stories are just a shopping trip away!

Animated Stories Will Bring the Bible Stories to Life!

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