Your Article Samurai Concerns Resolved

By James Richards

One of the good things about Article Samurai is the incontrovertible fact that it is deceptively easy. In the Net Marketing world straightforward sometime is equivalent to "doesn't work". There appear to be a lot of people who like the techie side of software, and I used to be the same way. Unfortunately for the techies there's plenty of things that go on in the background of Article Samurai that you just don't see.

With that in mind the fellows over at Noble Samurai made a decision to do a little webinar to explain a little more about the software and answer some questions. I attended the webinar and took down some notes. I suspect it'll clear up a couple of things for you.

Am I Able To Get A List Of URL's For My Articles?

One of the first questions that has been asked is if you get a copy or file with all the url's of the articles that were submitted. Sadly the fast answer is no.

Article Samurai submits to 1 or 2 different networks and each one of them does a hand review before distributing them. At the moment it simply isn't possible to get an inventory of article url's, although they did mention that they would work on adding that into an update in the future.

Is 30% Uniqueness Enough?

We'll firstly in my prior experiences 30% uniqueness of an article is sufficient. Spinning more than that has a tendency to finish up with a lot more crap to clean up and it's really a pain in the ass to check the text. 30% is sufficient to make the draft different enough for the enormous G anyway.

Why Does Article Samurai Only Produce Three Spins?

That is correct. Article Samurai does only show three spins which lets you check the readability of the content after you spin them. However there's a random button just below the 3 spin buttons that produces more variances of your article. On the back-end Article Samurai spins the work even more by mixing up paragraghs between articles. This allows for a load more original text. Plus you don't have to so it yourself.

How Do They Check For Article Uniqueness?

In Article Samurai you can check for the uniqueness of an article. This is pretty awesome if you outsource your article writing. They utilise a process called shingling which is the same as Copyscape. I have no idea the way in which the process works so don't ask.

Why Are You Able To Only Select One Category In Article Samurai?

Yes. Article Samurai only gives you the option to choose one class per article. They do nonetheless , use more categories on the backend. They take the category you pick and then use that to choose relevant classes before syndication. I imagine it's categorical to the network that the article is being submitted to.

Why Do Some Articles Take A Week To Syndicate And Others Take Two Days?

One of the things you'll find is in the Syndication tab in Article Samurai your articles will show that they've been syndicated to all of the networks after about 2 days. This actually is a flaw in the system updates. They pretty much declared no matter what the software say's the articles get syndicated over about 60 days.

The system is straightforward, but unfortunately that may give the impression that it isn't working. I believe people are conditioned to having to jump thru hoops to get an article syndicated. (Not that other pieces of software do not work. I employ them.) I believe that is the great thing about it. There is a lot done on the back end, and to me that makes this program so powerful.

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