Wordpress as a Content Management System

By Stephanie Raide

Wordpress is known as a blogging tool but can often be a content management system for non-blogging websites. It allows for easy user customization and has extensive documentation created by Wordpress and the Wordpress community. Why start with Wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the simpliest and straightforward tool when it comes to installation. Even more, even the cheapest hosting can support Wordpress as all it needs is MySQL and PHP. Not that complicated at all. If you're not the tech savvy but just want your own place on the Internet, Wordpress comes with a built in installation tool that will help you get all set up.

Is there better than Wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the major players when it comes to the blogging industry and it is on the quick rise to be one of the best content management tools. Of course, there's other content management systems but do they provide the ease of use and installation that Wordpress provides? Is there extensive documentation by the creator and the user community? I have not seen one as of yet.

There is always an alternative to everything but Wordpress is definitely worth the time in being noticed, tried out, and used. The years that the creators of Wordpress spent improving their product for their users is unmatched by any other open source content management. Futhermore, they opened up a hosted service where all you need to worry about is content. This service can be found at Wordpress.org.

What are some of the Wordpress features we should know about?

The first one is the easy to use theme development. All you need to know when creating a theme is just basic HTML and CSS. Wordpress has documented how to do all the programming and it can be as easy as copying and pasting their code snippets. They even tell you what wordpress theme files you need to create and for what purpose. Furthermore, their extensive theme repository allows users to select a theme that other users have submitted and use absolutely free.

Another feature in Wordpress is the easy to use interface. There are not technical words that will get you mixed up. You don't need to do any setup after installation like some other content management systems do. If you click on "Add a post" it takes you to the blog post editor. If you click on "Add a page" it takes you the page editor.

The simplicity of Wordpress combined with the extensive features makes this blogging platform and content management system go unmatched.

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