We Bet You Do Not Know This About Getting Testimonials

By Dona Turner

Testimonials all by themselves are not enough to get the job done, but it is much better to have good ones working for you than to not have any at all. If you're not listing out any testimonials on your website then you're obviously losing an opportunity to actually convince your prospects that your product is right for them. There are times that your sales pitch fails to make an impact the way a small testimonial from a third party can. So no more stressing over this issue; read this article and get started today.

The curious part about all of this is everybody knows that offering testimonials all by themselves is not something customers do. In fact, it is a valuable marketing and business tool to request feedback from people who have done business with you. By law, you cannot use anything until you have permission from person supplying the feedback, and so contact them and try to secure that permission. It all depends on the market and people you are dealing with, but most of the time people will not have a problem with this request. However, don't forget to ask for their permission before using any feedback publicly because if not, it may cause problems.

There is no secret that there is no such thing as a perfect product.If you can add reasonable improvements to a product or service, then that is the ideal approach so it does not become stagnant. Most people know that a long list of testimonials that are only raving and glowing tends to make them think a bit suspiciously. Actually we could care less if the person leaving the criticism is polite or not - we will leap on the opportunity to counter the claim. Something like that sparks a positive response from people, and that is why it is worth doing. Sometimes it just comes down to the inability to please everybody all the time. Obviously you will be relying on the strength of all the other testimonials that are positive.

Take a look at possible places on your site that would be great spots for a testimonial, and that can be used to positive effect if you put some thought into it. This is especially important when you have a ton of pages talking about the various aspects of your product, pointing out the benefits, listing out the features, as these are the pages where you can actually influence the decision of your prospects and give them a valid reason to buy your product.

Acquiring the testimonials you need takes time and effort, and if you put forth the effort then it will begin to achieve momentum.

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