Tips For Highly Effectual Company Meeting Planning

By Denise Olson

In regards to successful or effective corporate meeting planning, it really all comes down to that planning. Plan well, but leave yourself open to what else might develop during the meeting. So plan well, but plan loose. You can't delineate every single minute of the meeting, you have to actually offer your employees a little space, as breakthroughs can't be made on a restrictive time frame.

Plan your meetings around 1-2 things, know the points you want to make during that meeting, and leave it at that. Don't set your meeting up with an itinerary, don't think that you can predict exactly who's going to say what during the meeting, just have a loose idea of what's going to happen, what's going to be discussed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before the next meeting planning.

Be Sensible

Have a goal in mind when you plan your meeting one goal. You can't solve every single problem with your company at one meeting. You want everyone there to have that one goal in mind so that they can focus on that one goal, or else they'll be all over the place and they won't be able to concentrate on any one task at hand. The end result there is that nothing gets taken care of because you get too greedy and try to take care of everything all at once. The corporate world really just plain doesn't really work like that.

Stay Focused

Set one goal, let your people know what that goal is, and achieve it during the meeting. Just one goal. If you give them a dozen things to do, they won't know where to start, so give them just one goal and they'll march right towards it over the course of the meeting. Again, it's all about focus and simplicity. When we over-complicate everything, it tends to show a lack of confidence, as if more planning will make up for a lack of skill or competency. To a true master, everything is made simple.

Host The Meeting Around Noon

This is the best time to hold a meeting, as your people are all woken up. After lunch, they just want to go home. Before their morning coffee, they wish they were still sleeping. Hold the meeting around midday when your people are actually in the mood to help you out and provide a few ideas of their own! Remember, these are human beings, not robots, and catching them when they're in the ideal mood is actually a major part of leadership.

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