Tips For Getting eBooks Written

By Owen Jones

Ebooks are starting to come of age. It is now becoming a more viable option to sell your knowledge or niche book on line than it is to sell it through a conventional publisher. There are on line publishers like Amazon that will upload your ebook, help you market it, deliver it to your customers, track sales, take the money and pay you the balance.

You can to set your own price for the book and you will receive about 70% of the total revenue. Dedicated ebook readers are making the ebook even more accessible. For example, say that you are travelling and you finish your book, you might find it a problem to buy another book to read for a time, particularly if you are abroad.

Not so with modern ebook readers. You only go online with their built-in WIFI capability and download a different one. Or you could download twelve so that you do not run the risk of being without. Ebooks are cheaper than traditional paper books and more readily accessible. Lots of readers will also hold over 3,000 books.

So, this is a manner to go for publishing a book, but what if you cannot write well enough? What if you have immense ideas for books - fact or fiction - but you just cannot write them down? There can be a number of reasons for this. Maybe writing in not your forte; maybe English (the biggest market for books) is not your mother tongue; or maybe you only do not have the time.

So why not outsource them? Numerous books purportedly written by famous sports personalities were in fact outsourced or written by ghost writers. That is nothing new and no source of shame. It is just horses for courses.

This really is a business in a box. Let us look at some examples. If you think that the current craze for stories on macabre topics will continue, why not think up a few scenarios and commission five short stories that you can compile into one ebook? Or look on line, find out what people are having problems with and commission ebooks to solve those concerns.

You could have ten books for sale on Amazon within a month offering revenue for years.

So how do you go about it? Well, first of all, someone has to have the concepts and that has to be you or your family or friends. Then you have to outline those ideas for the writer to be able to follow. Then you have to state how long the writer has to complete the project; how many words it should contain and what standard of English you expect.

Then Google ''ghost writers desired' or something similar. There are many sites acting as go-betweens and lots of solo writers too. Give them the specifications and carefully choose your writer.

Make sure that all intellectual copyrights are signed over to you on payment and then go over to Amazon, open a publishers account and follow the directions. You can be publishing within 20 minutes and earning within a couple of days. It is really a business in a box.

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