The Three Most Important Elements Of Writing An Effective Sales Letter

By Luke Jones

What is a sales letter, and why do they matter so much? In short, it is a simple website that is generally either static HTML, or run using popular software such as Optimizepress, Nanacast or Kajabi. The purpose of the website is to inform people of a product or service that you may be selling, and using effective sales copy, do what you can to convince them that buying the product or service is the right thing to do at that point in time. Here's the thing. This is not a simple task. As plain as many sales letters may look, there are countless hours spent optimising sales copy, and making sure that the page converts as best as possible. Today, I am going to cover the 3 most important elements of any sales letter for you.

Headlines matter. They are more often than not, the very first thing that a visitor will see when they visit a sales letter, and serve to capture their attention, and keep them on page so that they can read the rest of the sale copy. The big key here is to consider what the problem is that you are solving. What kind of traffic are you attracting? How can you help them? What pains them? Use all of this data to try and meet them head on, and fulfil their needs. If you are in need of some kind of inspiration, some of the best copy available can be found on the covers of some of the highest selling books on Amazon, plus tabloid magazines.

Don't discard the importance of telling a good story. Why did you develop the product? How did it help you? How were you feeling before you solved the problem for yourself? This is all vital copy that will help your visitors feel united with your way of thinking, and really ensue trust in you that this product will work, and will solve their problem that they are having. Use proof of results to demonstrate your story if need me, as this will really help you earn the trust that you will need to earn in order to sell some product.

The most important part of any sales letter is that there is a clear path for the visitor to take your desired acton, whether that is to opt in for a free bonus, or to pay for a product. This is where many people go wrong when they create a sales letter. You need to be forever guiding your visitors from the top of the sales page to the call to action at the bottom of the page. An effective method that I have seen is to use multiple calls to action throughout the page. You need to be there when they make that decision to purchase, as peoples minds can change completely at random.

Hopefully by now, you will have a better understanding of the three most important elements that I believe go into any successful sales letter. Sure, just like I mentioned at the start, there are plenty of different types of sales letters that run in different software such as Kajabi, OptimizePress, MarketerPress and even Nanacast, but before you make that choice, I highly recommend that you at least get your sales copy up to scratch, and get it absolutely perfect. Without it, you're not going to get too far.

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