Sell Your Article Without Really "Selling" It

By Greg Tilley

You would like to show your enthusiasm for your products and services but how do you do this without coming across like you're making a pitch? In other words, how do you sell your products or services without 'selling' them.

Because no one likes a sales pitch, the reader will likely click away from your article as soon as they feel like they're being sold. But often enough, you would need to give your readers a bit of a pitch in order to motivate them to visit your website.

If you provide your readers with a benefit, this is also a great way to motivate your readers. Tips and how to articles are very popular and one of the reasons for this is because they offer the reader an immediate benefit. Readers are going to be hungry for more information and would be looking be more when the content of your article follows through on your promise. They will trust that you will provide more benefits on your website because you have kept your end of the bargain in your article.

Try tapping into your readers' desires. What we all desire is to become more attractive, smarter, wealthier, happier, more respected, etc. When you tap into these desires in your article, you immediately have your reader's attention. Will the content of your article be able to help them solve their problems and attain their desires? By tapping into the desires of your readers and offering them a way to attain these desires, not only will you be a virtual hero but your readers will want to learn more from you and be excited to visit your website.

Don't give your reader the whole story. Try to write an article about 3 ways to do something then tell your readers this isn't the whole story in the last sentence of your article. If they want to know more about your article's topic, then tell them they can visit your website and learn the whole story from there. Take note that you may not be allowed to plug your website in the body of your article if you are publishing it in an article submission site. You can plug it in your author's resource box if this is the case. However, if you're publishing the article in an e-zine or on another website, this is a great way to draw traffic to your site.

Selling in your article copy is as easy as offering valuable content and solving people's problems. With this approach, write copy is also made easy.

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