Read To Increase Twitter Followers

By Smeagle Roberts

If it was possible to increase twitter followers by reading a book or an article, everybody would have tons of followers. What is however possible is to provide a basic understanding of what twitter is, and what needs to be done to gain more followers. Twitter is not an ordinary social network, but an extraordinary invention for communication - like the telephone and email.

As a result, twitter is not just a place to dump information like a website, and not even just a place for web 2.0 type interaction. It is important to think of it as a gigantic repository of information - a form of web 3.0 or what is known as the semantic web. Just remember that twitter is a deep pool that is constantly being replenished and used by millions of users.

The way this kind of medium works best is when people participate, instead of simply throwing information like a press release outlet. It is important to listen to what others are saying, and acknowledge every @mention. It is also important to participate in community and follower building memes like #FollowFriday.

Since this is an ongoing endeavor, it might be worth figuring out what kind of developments can be expected in the near future. As of now, it looks to be in two main areas - mobile and location based apps, and also as the core of instant search. Both these areas have tremendous potential to harvest more followers.

With the use of smart phones and location specific apps to network with and reach targeted followers, the efficiency of twitter as a means of reaching customers increases exponentially. It becomes easier to find people who share concerns and interests, and it is also easier to make contact with followers in the real world. The sum of it is that it increases the influence and reach of the account in a targeted demographic.

The other part has to do with the recent development of instant search. All the major search engines now include tweets in instant search results, and this has created a completely new way to increase twitter followers. Use the right mix of keywords in perfectly timed tweets and it can lead to a rush of new followers coming straight from the search engines.

Another easy way is to buy followers. This can be done by paying a marketing company to run promotions, contests, etc., where people are asked to follow the account in order to be in with a chance to win. There are others who will simply help with the tweets and the social interaction and provide the followers. End of the day, it is the traffic and impact that matters, regardless of the means used to increase twitter followers.

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