Proven Methods to Help Land You The Testimonials You Need

By Markus Brown

There are many uses and good reasons for displaying testimonials, and all of those reasons related to human nature and the buying experience. Of course it is common knowledge that any good sales letter will have testimonials, but we know it can be tough if you are brand new and have not made any sales, yet. There are a number of effective methods available that work very well with your customers and testimonials.

This method is only suitable if your market does business on the net, and it involves linking. You can actually use this tactic to your advantage and swap a testimonial for a link.Different things have an effect on people, and believe it or not but link from someone's business will have a positive impact. However, you need to make sure that the customer's website is something that you can publish openly with the testimonial because you obviously don't want link to a site that's offensive in nature.

Not all marketers take enough advantage of what video has to offer - but you really should. It is common knowledge with experienced marketers that video testimonials blow all the rest out of the water. It's easy to persuade someone to take action using a video since they'll be viewing, hearing and actually experiencing the content of the video. Should you decide to be less than honest with your videos, then that is your call and good luck. Even though they can be really great, the bottom line is just about nobody will be willing to give you a video testimonial.

You have to respect the choices of your customers who are not interested in giving you a testimonial; in fact, you will find that most will not do it. Everybody has a story to tell - everybody, and that may offer you some relief with this apparent dilemma. The worst thing they can do is decline the story offer, but who knows until you actually try it. Good stories that are true should have concrete facts, so that is something to be sure you pass along in your instructions. Do not be worried about the possibility that somebody may be critical of you; just let it ride and see what happens. There is no specific length as to how long their 'story' can be, as long as they're providing a good testimonial highlighting the main points.

You see, there is a lot more to think about with testimonials than perhaps you realized.

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