Precisely How Straightforward Is Article Marketing?

By James Richards

Although it could be difficult to credit, as a Net marketer, there are still some people out there, trying to earn income online, that have never heard of article marketing. And again, as an internet marketer, you know just how much carefully targeted traffic they're missing.

So , for these poor, lost souls, a little bit of education. Article marketing is just the writing of many articles that may interest our potential customers. We write them, then submit them to assorted article directory sites in the hope that Google and other search engines will pick them up and deliver them in their search results.

We try to make the articles as applicable as we are able to. We add "keywords" to them so that the search websites will see them as authoritative and informative and place them high up in the results when anyone searches for our keyword.

In these articles, we also place our internet site link and a good, convincing "call to action." We tell the reader how we are able to help them solve their problem, and then offer a link and tell them to click. It's all very simple.

All of this, so far, is what we call the straightforward part. I mean, honestly, just about anybody can write one or two interesting articles on their material.

No, the hard part comes when you have to scribble tons of articles on that very same material. After only a few articles, thinking about more engaging things to assert and new methods of claiming it.

It is at about that point that many article marketers will turn to a software program called an "article spinner." This is a tiny programme which will take one article and rewrite it, or "spin" it if you will into countless versions.

If you do some net research about content rewriters, you'll get opposed views. But don't allow yourself to be swayed. You should decide whether or not you need to try it, test out two programs, and form your own opinion.

When you've written your articles, it's time to submit them. This is, again, something that may be done by hand or electronically. There are software programs which will submit your articles to hundreds of article directory sites. This again, is something that you'll have to test out and decide for yourself if it is for you.

Honestly, there are only a couple of article directory websites that really matter. Nonetheless submitting your article to lots of directories will get you some link love from search websites.

Not to sway you in any fashion, but just for information purposes. It is the opinion of this author that more articles submitted to the main directories is far better than less articles submitted to lots of directories. Your experience might lead you to agree or disagree.

Though each marketing pro has to check and experience to decide what works for her or him, the great majority of promoters usually use a combination of not only all article marketing methods, but all other techniques also.

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