Powerpoint Presentation Training Basic Tips

By Paul Lawrence

Whether you are at school or at your place of work, there is a good chance that you will need to make a computer-based presentation to friends, peers or colleagues at some time. Microsoft Powerpoint is a presentation software that can help you to organise and enhance the message you need to deliver. In the course of this article we examine more closely some suggestions for creating a presentation using Powerpoint.

So where do you start? Maybe got loads of good information that you uncovered during your research along with some great graphs and tables which really illustrate your point. The first rule when preparing a Powerpoint presentation is that less is more. Don't simply dump all your content into the presentation. Think about what your main points are and build the presentation up around those.

Take care not to use too much text as this can be overwhelming. Instead use lists of bullet points to emphasize important information. You can print out a full set of presentation notes which can be distributed once you have finished. These notes should contain all of your main research. For the presentation it is important that you highlight the key points and that you elaborate on these when you talk your audience through the slides.

Powerpoint has a number of different templates that can be selected by the user. Use one to give your presentation a consistent look and feel. If you use a template your slides will have a good consistency of fonts, colours and graphic effects.

There are many additional enhancements that be added once the design template has been selected. There are different transitions that can be used to move from slide to slide along with a range of interactive graphics and audio, including animation. A word of caution may in order. Try not to use unnecessary effects which may detract from the underlying focus of your presentation. It is no use if your audience remembers your fancy effects and not the underlying principles of the talk.

Now that you've thought about your main topics for the presentation and picked a design template it remains only for you to add in your main content to the slides. Remember to choose your text for each slide carefully and to use content sparingly. When you have done, be sure to run through the entire presentation with the help of a colleague who can play the part of the audience. Time yourself and adjust the length of the presentation if necessary.

At the end of the day, the Powerpoint presentation software is just a vehicle to help to get your information across. If you did your research then your audience will see that you know your topic. Above all, enjoy the presentation!

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