Outsourcing Your Ebook For Increased Revenue

By Owen Jones

Ebooks are likened to ordinary paper books, but in fact they are far more adaptable than paper books. For instance, you could compose an ebook to publicize an event say, the opening of a shop, the launch of a new gadget or even the publication of a new book, within a couple of hours or a day and get it out working for you; whereas if you wished to print flyers, a pamphlet or a brochure, it would take quite some time and money to do the same type of thing.

That is on the marketing front; if you only want to write a novel and publish it as an ebook, your book can be on sale within a day or two of having finished writing it. In the paper publishing world, it can take six to twelve months or even years to get a book into the bookshops.

While there is still more status to having a book accepted by a traditional publisher, there is actually more reward per ebook sold than per paper book and Amazon reports several authors having sold more than a million units of their ebook through Amazon. This difference in income is surprising. look at the numbers, assuming sales of one million units:

Traditional Publisher: book price: $20; writer's cut: 6%; sales: 1,000,000 = 20 x 0.06 x 1,000,000 = $1,200,000

Amazon eBook: book price: $10; writer's cut: 70%; sales: 1,000,000 = 10 x 0.7 x 1,000,000 = $7,000,000

Notice the difference in price. It is probable that you will sell more ebooks at $10 than books at $20, so the profits are likely to be even higher. It shows that there is a huge new potential earnings stream for aspiring author/publishers.

However, consider this. If your ebook is a novel set in, say, Thailand, you could insert a travel link for Thailand in the bottom margin of every page and that link would contain your affiliate link, so that you got paid a referral bonus each time someone clicked it or used it to buy a vacation or flight. The advert does not have to become intrusive and absolutely not annoying.

What if you had a hundred ebooks out there at $5-10 each and a couple of novels or books of short stories with adverts in them? That could be an income or a retirement pot or simply a bonus to what you usually earn.

And what if you wanted to get it begun quickly? You could outsource the writing of the ebook, yet buy the rights to it so that you could put out it under your own name.

If you choose to go down this path, ask the author to also compose a press release of 200-300 words and a sales letter-cum-summary of the book in 500 words to help you sell and promote the publication.

You can compose these items yourself, but there is a huge difference between professional sales copy and what most people turn out and it makes all the difference to sales figures.

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